JoyToKey on skycomputer with Pc/Android


It works well and you can play games without any controller support but it’s anoing to setup profiles when you haven’t settup the controller settings from LiquidSky. What isn’t working is when you try it on Android ,with the right controller settings and profile for you game you want to play, it is works with games where you doesn’t need a cursor but games like Sims 4 where you need one you will be annoyed so please make an option to show the cursor on Android.


There is a new Android release V0.40 (that just got pushed on the Play Store). Try that to see if that fixes it.


Don’t think that will be an option because people will find having the cursor more annoying to have it showed up rather than when its not there…


It woud just help if you can tell me the option in the winows menu I have to change


Please see my response here as there seems to be an Android OS update that allows this but it cannot happen until phones start having Android Oreo inside and LS to add the API call…


Thank you for you help.