Just a question


How long must I wait to have a trial


Until the first week of March.


First week of march they will start allowing people to join beta for LS


Can I get beta key in March


You won't need one in march you just simply signup for whichever plan which from what i've heard from ians latest stream there's payg plans and the monthly plans or free plan to try it out by watching ads which gets you 2 hours of play time each day and you can save that time up over a period of time and use it all in a day


This is murch..Can I get beta key??


This is murch...Please give me a beta key


two weeks isn't that long I've been a customer since last year and have been waiting for this release for months, two weeks won't kill you. Patience is key brother.

The wait will be worth it, trust me.


But bro if you can get a beta key please tell me ok


But nothing, patience brother.