@ key workaround


Is there a workaround to the at key problem.

My input field is not allow pasting so that it’s out of the question

The onscreen keyboard just does not appear

What’s next actually fixing the app in a few months? Is there a beta version


What client are you running on?



Now xsolla is down


You should be able to tap on the LS icon on the top left and there should be a button for keyboard inputs for typing. Make sure you’ve selected the proper field to type in however.

As for XSolla being down, not much can be done save for waiting on them (they are the company which handles LS payments and staff do not have necessarily direct control of it [community mods such as myself are not staff]). I would recommend trying again a little later, or perhaps try contacting XSolla support (I recommend by phone if possible- you get a much quicker response than by ticket).


Did you even use the Android client.

If not why even answer

The @ key is out of commission. All other keys work! I know how to use the keyboard dear God in heaven. I’m surrounded by morons