Kind of misleading


Although it's kind of annoying having people constantly ask for beta keys. (I only just got in on the 5th). Advertisements like this may be driving people here to sign up only to be disappointed when they can't.


If that is your home line, we have similar internet speeds lol. I have 25 down and like 5 up, running off of a MSI GPQ2 Leopard Pro, and I'm less than 500 kilometers from my nearest data center. So hopefully it runs well for me.


I'm surprised they're actively advertising right now. It seems the forums are pretty much half people asking for beta keys as it is. I do agree the ad is misleading to a degree. A base connection in required, it really should say something along the lines of a minimum of 5-10 Mbps for 720P 30 FPS gameplay. It could even be in much smaller text.


Great program !!!!!!!!!


You mean like this?

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25 is quite slow, here in The Netherlands i've a 100Mb/s down and upload speed :slight_smile:
The Datacenter in Frankfurt is the closest one for us, hopefully the Datacenter in Amsterdam will be running this year :yum:

I've got my key a couple of months ago, because i directly subscripted on LS.


25mbps is actually all I really need. I can watch netflix while playing liquidsky at 1080 and 60fps so it's perfect since all we do really is stream content.

Although saying that I had to upgrade from 12mbps speed because liquidsky needed about 16mbps to be stable and get rid of a slight lag.