Kinda disappointed


On the pro plan, you are supposed to get 1080p60fps, but I can’t even get a full 60, mostly 20’s. :frowning:


please go read this thread and you will find your answer I m very dissatisfied with Liquidsky


Sadly as a beta performance can fluctuate as a beta service. However, there are things in the works that should help performance, such as the upcoming GPU upgrade (it’s coming, I promise).


We’ve been told that since CES 2017.


Things were different back then. We didn’t know how Vega performed, but this upgrade will definitely make things better.


Will the new GPU be better then the one we have now?


Well, it is an upgrade for a reason :wink:


Vega upgrade was loosely planned for August 2017. But I guess when they saw the low performance after the official release of the card, they decided to stick with the M60.
Morgan hinted heavily at the gpu upgrade not long ago, so I guess we have something to really look forward to.


youre switching to vega? Thats awesome, will you also use Ryzen ?


It’s not “me”, because moderators are normal users, no LS employees. :slight_smile:

I only meant they talked about upgrading to Vega one year ago, and IIRC, it would’ve been an option some time late summer/early fall 2017. No idea why they didn’t do it, but the Vega performance was pretty mediocre, so my best guess is they didn’t want to spend the money back then. Maybe things have improved by now, but I’d say we just wait and see what they have in store.