Knockin' On Driver's Door


I know that the team is always hard, and maybe they’re even on a vacation right now, but I’d still want to see those brand-new drivers in the nearest future. AC: Origins had to be left aside; hopefully, the new Assassin’s Creed will be available the day it launches.


Yeah, it’s already on the track and devs would soon come up with the drivers upgrades.


Love the title of this topic. :wink:
You’re from Moscow, right? You there tonight?


Yes sir, born and bread, but I’m out of town right now, enjoying an amazing time with my parents in the countryside. Been a while since we had a weather this nice and I thought I’d spend it with my folks :sunny:

My dad even pulled out his special recipe, I guess the Americans would call it barbeque or something like that :smile:


Nice. I realize my question was rather unspecific, I meant the Guns n Roses gig tonight (bc of the topic title :wink:). But you already answered that question. Have fun at the countryside!


Thanks, man, always nice to be back where you belong.

Didn’t even know G’n’R were in town tonight! I personally love the Bob Dylan version more :slight_smile:

Speaking of covers, this Take Me Home sounds lovely -

Just right for enjoying Mother Nature.


Just to manage expectations, there’s no guarantee that Assassin’s Creed: Origins will work. I have a pretty nice gaming rig (GTX 1070, AMD Ryzen 7 1800x) and had to return that game because it crashed every 10-15 min despite my best efforts. :frowning:


Well, damn, there you go crushing my dreams of invading ancient Egypt :smile:

No worries: as I said earlier, I would really love to play the new Wolfenstein and the new AC.


Ian mentioned it on the livestream, but we are pretty close. NVIDIA fixed the issue with their licensing server, so it’s running through internal testing. Granted our internal bandwidth is limited since we’re working on a ton of projects for big clients, but it shouldn’t be too much longer!


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