Known Issues List - 11/20/2017 - Feel Free to Post Suggestions/Bugs Here!


I’m on the Hong Kong datacenter. Can’t say I remember the time I accessed it by server time.

The issue seems to be resolved however. Worked fine after restarting it in 10 minutes.

Came across a response time issue when gaming after that, strangely it was something that only occurred when playing the game. If I Alt+Tab’d another non gaming window and started using it, say for example windows explorer, the response time seemed fine on that.

Thanks for getting in touch with me, I’ll let you guys know if I come across anything else.


My mouse integration with F12 wont work with latest update…please help me


Please remove the mouse, reboot skycomputer and reinsert mouse and try again.
Are you using Wine or Bootcamp (Mac) by any chance?

EDIT: Try this workaround for the timebeing


Hey my sky computer keeps going weird the screen keeps going black and fuzzy and freezing when i load a game the game is zoomed in redicuosly close as well do you know any solution?


Can you start a topic in the bugs category? I’d be more than happy to ask around, but easier to send them a link to a post rather than digging through comments.