Known Issues List - 11/20/2017 - Feel Free to Post Suggestions/Bugs Here!


Regarding this, I think keyboard responsiveness issues should be added as well, since I noticed movement in game was also delayed a bit.


I purchased a monthly plan but when i try to launch my sky computer it says i do not have enough sky credits. So yeahhhh can i have my money back orrrrr when will that be fixed?


Hi @LiquidSkyJustin Is this issue the same as sudden error screen saying I seem to have 'logged into another session'?...and when I click on go back to my skycomputer it shows my active session for a few seconds..before erroring out again....also in this issue it doesn't allow me to stop my sky computer from my client login page..instead I'm need to force close the client and then log back in to find my sky computer is still active..and then stop my sky computer from there..


@LiquidSkyJustin Thanks for aheads up. I wil lrandomly try to get past ping tests as I have time I guess. LOL!


It looks like they've fixed alot of this issue in the upcoming patch. But they also noted Sydney had another bug if that's where you're trying to connect.


No I'm trying to connect to San Jose(I'm in Southern Oregon). Unless they
open something closer. You'd think the heart of Silicon Valley would be a
powerhouse working fine. LOL!


They quickly released and then pulled the notes for the next patch today and it looks like they've fixed your issue it's just a matter of waiting for it.


Cool. We can only hope.


I just hope they get into a usable software for playing PC as right now it is impossible to play...I have played on other cloud gaming engines and I have yet to see any quality. It is cheap server; so what can you expect? More bad employees who don't give a damn.


cant get into the skycomputer. when I press go back to skycomputer it just gives the notification that 5ghz wifi or Ethernet will give more performance. I have 5ghz wifi but it just shows that when I press go back to skycomputer.

p.s everytime I launch the skycomputer it does the connection timeout thing then go to the menu and it shows that my skycomputer is online and the go back to skycomputer button but I cant go back.


CA server is not accessible once again.


Does anyone here play League of Legends? I'm having a weird issue. While in-game, if i move my cursor to the upper right corner of my screen to move the camera and look around in Summoners Rift, it instead goes in the opposite direction. This only happens when on my SkyComputer. This did not ever happen in the Alpha stages of LiquidSky. Thank you.


Hi Guys,
Great work getting these issues fixed.

Can you make the Controller Issue High Priority?

Without the controller working I cannot even start testing the system.
I am not used to keyboard/mouse and this also does not work in the living room.
I play on the big screen in the living room via Shield in home streaming now. Keyboard mouse is not usable on the couch.
Would love to test your system as alternative to buying a GTX 1080 or something....


Thanks for the response Justin :slight_smile:


Hello @LiquidSkyJustin, are you looking for these glitches?

Thank you!


Interesting thing is that I personally, since 2.0 launch almost never had any streaming lags or any other artifacts that other users are reporting. Each of my daily sessions with LiquidSky lasts for about 3 hours and I can confirm there was 2 or 3 where I experienced a little bit of lag. The client is running on integrated Intel GPU, my connection is 2.4Ghz WiFi with 100Mbitps and I live ~15 miles from DC in London. 2.0 works so much better for me in terms of reliability and quality.


@LiquidSkyJustin what is the current status of the San Jose server I would appreciate if you respond


I would too but I guess we just have to accept the fact it will be one more weekend without liquidsky for us on the CA server.


i keep getting all servers in this datacenter are full. im on sao paulo and this never happen before


So, I can't get past the ''data center ping complete'' thingie, I can't even start up my computer. I used and paid for 1.0 and since it was changed, I was never able to log in again.