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So, where patch?
And support wrote that within 48 hours...


SkyComputer session ended prematurely with "Ok" Error Screen
This problem must fix because every 5 minutes I'm taking this error :frowning:


I'm glad there was some response, and that the community cares enough about the service to ask everyone, do polls, display the common issues that everyone's facing so that LS staff sees it. But the pattern of behavior and response time so far isn't great. We wanna love LS especially cause of what its supposed to be doing for users that can't afford or have access to capable PCs. But customer service is paramount. I'd rather it not work at all, I not be able to pay for more service, and they tell us "Its not gonna work for 3 months" than, "we're working on it" and I've paid for service and thats the only update we've received.


WTF, where next patch?
It's impossible to play now and... I have a game addiction, but I can not play in general 3 months...


when are the san jose servers going up it has been over 24 hours


You still have the Windows activation bug...


Bug or the development didn't purchase a genuine Windows license. :thinking:


There clearly is a memory leak right now which needs to be fixed ASAP , on the DXVA encoder my graphic card driver crashes at sme point cause the VRAM is full , and on Software my RAM just gets full after some time please look into this asap @LiquidSkyJustin


So here comes the lack of staying on time...AGAIN...No patch in 48 hours :frowning:


It is more likely to be released on Tuesday, as it is weekend and bank holidays in many countries.


Quality picture on Frankfurt DC again very bad, WTF...


The journey of a fanboy has its ups and downs...:laughing:


I'm very good attitude to LS command, but... WTF? Living 20 days after launch with such critical errors - it's not good


A lot is the key word. I have been have down on them since I am a paying customer and feel like I should be treated like one and believe me; there are a lot of companies that have their companies invested to that they use that money to buy servers and do the beta in a limited mode. They have no excuse to call it a beta because NO beta I have ever played for requires you to pay for it. I am poor and just pretty much stuck with this service. I would leave it in a heartbeat if there was someone that offered cheaper price and same benefits; I would be gone. I am just stuck with madness. Its been over a month now since their 'due' date and not much has been changed tbh. To be honest, the old service was a lot more reliable and everything.. just worked. LS 1 was far better than this trash pile we have called 2 that is now slow, sluggish, bugs, broken delay timers, have to configure Xbox 360 controller through a file instead of just doing in the client.

They claimed to not be doing release dates they did it again... and they failed again.


Iv been in a lot of closed pay for betas. They can call it that, even if we don't like it.

Thankfully they are alternatives, Iv been running an ec2 server for gaming while California is down,


Isn't this quite an involved process though? Running an EC2 server? Without good computer knowledge, doesn't it take some time to set up?


eh, it can be, but I run instances for play testing web d\and desktop apps anyway so I just took one of my other instances and modified it for gaming


How much does it cost you? The gaming one that is.


max I pay is about .8 an hour, but typically I only pay .2 an hour because I use spot instances


Guys, I understand everything, but where is the long-term access that you promised how much? 4 WEEKS BACK! NOT ADVERTISING FOR RUSSIA, DO NOT ACCEPT WHAT US NORMAL PEOPLE WAIT: (