Known Issues List - 11/20/2017 - Feel Free to Post Suggestions/Bugs Here!


WDSnav has made an infamous name for himself on these message boards as the know it all supporter of LS/whiney baby/ Hater of LS/post anything that comes to mind/Post based off of emotion and then change mind and post opposite of previous post and then post opposite of the opposite post to the previous post.


You spend so much time on these forums constantly complaining. Don't you want to spend your time doing something you enjoy? Take up knitting and join an online forum and spend your days there.


Don't want to continue attacking him personally. But he did mention before that those complaining on the forum should go do something with their lives, (like him).


dev, can you give a total per hour on average? Like where does it fall hourly <.50 or >.50?


@LiquidSkyJustin any news on that patch/update yet?? could not be bothered buying more sky credits until some of these major bugs get sorted.


This week has to be this week


I am still getting lag using a controller. A lot of the time it won't register buttons or actions will get stuck (ie turning left causes it to get stuck a you basically turn in a circle).


I'm sorry LS V2.0 isn't working for you and i agree that V1.0 worked better than the fist release of V2.0.
After patience and a few updates, it works for me. Almost just as good as the last V1.0 Beta.

Wrong! you can get early access to a beta of a game if you pre-order in advance.
This is somewhat of the same. You are paying to get access to a Beta, not a final full working service.
You knew this in advance, you knew what you were paying for and even you said that it would have it's bugs for a while.

And about the X360 controller, i do get why people can't get this to work but i managed to fix this the old fashioned way without touching the INI file. Maybe i'll post an short video tutorial online for people when i manage to get some spare time.

But i have to agree with everyone, i guess this service isn't for you.
Perhaps you can better stop complaining on this forum and come back in a while (if you ever feel like it) to check if they made any progress.

But your complaining is annoying everyone here, even if people agree with you (on some points) it's still to much...
Leave of at least decrease the amount of complaints by stop going over-and-over-and-over on the same point.
You made your point (or make one again), but then just leave it there... or leave.


Well it is not about the money so much now the amount of time they have had to fix the bugs. Sure when I paid and logged on the first time; I expected bugs...However I said to myself; oh just wait it'll be much better in a month. Well we are now nearing a month yet 1/4 can't even get in, 1/2 suffer visual problems with the client aka lag. Tbh I have had some good experience with LS lately but sometimes it still kicks me off in the middle of the game. You know what really angers me? I lost about 1,000 credits falling asleep at the LS desktop not doing. Well the big problem is; I have it set to timeout after 20 minutes however the computer was still running LS when I woke up! No apologies, no compensations, just "Yep we know about it". The company behing LS is what angers me the most; they set deadlines and have actually made it like once. It just seems to me that the LiquidSky doesn't care about their customer's and just the money. On 1.0 I had no problem at all and even subbed to the $40 but with 2.0 I buy maybe 10 dollars+ads to prevent my account for going inactive and the extra space. LS has a potential but they are only going to make it with change,,,


I asked support for a compensation for losing credits it the time i got kicked and couldn't get back in.
They did, about 200 credits whats pretty equal to what i lost.

So my experience is totally different that yours. Difference is that i asked politely without getting into any emotionally context. I did got the apology and some credits.

Perhaps you should try this yourself (asking support for any compensation) and perhaps they will do the same?


error 503 now, Frankfurt, but my skypc included, what should I do?


lol I got like 5 support tickets and they don't ever reply on anything.


Strange, i alway got an awnser within 48 hours.


And they do not answer me for 4 days...


I too always got an answer within 48 hours


FYI: I don't count the weekends.


@LiquidSkyJustin @jason @LiquidSkySunshine hi what does the 56mb patch/update do? when will release notes be available?


For Patch Notes, you can visit the blog. It will be updated there so, let's revisit it from time to time. It will be updated soon :wink:


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The lag and sticks make LS a worthless service to start with. I played Crysis 2 for a long while and was almost done with killing the 20 or so cops they put in the circle things. I was down to 2 cops left and finishing. I aim for the two and LS started jacking with me at just the right time with no previous problem during the game and the screen kept blurring out and I was not able to get and aim on and died. There is so much lag; that LS can easily be said as "unplayable" due to these lags and sticks. I current have 45Mp/s internet so there is no reason for this. I have tried parsec+amazon and did not have any problems and they worked like a charm so it's not my computer or internet; it is more like LS's...They seriously have to work these lags and corruption which should be first priority because it makes some games impossible to play.