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I think this is kind of new.. When i start a Game in Origin the sky computer crashes and restarts. with the message " your skycomputer is off, restarting or having connection issues " Every time i click play on a Origin Game.


Friction is a huge problem for Liquid Sky right now. Far too much time is required to "get going" with your gaming.


Not sure this is being looked at, been an issue for me and many other since the 17th June (for me) but i am unable to load Heroes of the Storm. It crashes / restarts the LS machine. See here for more details:



GAmes no longer working on Pro Plan

StarCraft 2
Heroes of the Storm
Just Cause 3
Batman Arkham Knights
Sleeping Dogs


Also Dragon Age: Inquisition


Why am i getting this screen after starting my SkyPC???

My internet speed is fine.


Don't log out. Just go to the liquidsky home screen and reenter the sky computer and it should fix its self


Tried.....but no luck


Flick the "hardware acceleration" switch in settings.


You must delete your skycomputer if you have less data, from few posts of yours I understood that you have same problem in android client also which means that your skycomputer is corrupted. Might be possible hardware acceleration works for you as stated be @DimMonkey
But, My suggestion is that you should delete your skycomputer and immediately create one.

Edit: Here I got your post..


I have done everything mentioned here.......but still I am unable to access my skycomputer.

It might be the case that my skycomputer is not utilising my bandwidth.


Did you delete your skycomputer and recreated one.


No.....Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't!

Right now it is working as i am writing this post from my skycomputer itself.


Try to use hardware acceleration..


As I said sometimes it works....sometimes doesn't

At present it is working!


Good luck!

I want to complete 20 characters writing this stuff.


Hey, so when I try to launch my SkyComputer whenever I click continue when I choose ''gamer'' or ''pro'' nothing happens.


i just purchased a plan today. after clicking create skycomputer im stuck at getting to know your sky computer video. the video isnt even playing .. please help!!!!!


Lost my 500GB discspace... Since 06.06 there're only 100GB available for me. Every month Ive gotta autopay 9.99$, so June is already been payed, but since 06.06 I see "pay-as-u-go" settings in client info and there are only 100GB disc I got.
Even a payment tool remembered, that this month were payed...
Please, help. :wink:)


Contact customer support
and raise your ticket.