Lag in game and lag on desktop


Im getting lag ingame and on desktop, i have high enough download speed at home 15-20


How much lag? How far are you from the datacenter? What are you running Liquidsjy on? if not android can you try it on an android device if possible?


i’m running it on my pc, i dont have an andriod device. And i’m not far from the data center. im getting 11ms ping from london. And its unbearable lag


Sorry about all the questions but if I am unable to help it will help narrow the problem down at least.

What are the specs on your pc? Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration in liquidskys settings?


Sorry. Typo I didn’t proofread it before pressing enter.


My pc is running a core 2 duo @ 2.66
4Gb ram
Nvidia GTX 960

Yes i have tried doing that and it hasnt solved the problem


i literally have no clue why its doing this :confused:


There is a very slim chance that it is the datacenter and it will work properly tomorrow. Otherwise it could be something about your computer (drivers/cpu compatibility/ dodgy network). I have even created lag by uploading while playing liquidsky before.

Contact support:

In the mean time if you could borrow a android device from someone to test Liquidsky (or try it on a different pc) on your network you could narrow it down to your computer or the connection depending on performance.

(I keep on saying android device just because the android app has great compatibility in comparison to the pc client.)


Have you tried forcing your Nvidia GPU to render the stream? Because it should handle LS fine, but your CPU/iGPU combo is woefully outdated. If LS is using that, then that’s the cause of your lag. Try forcing the Nvidia GPU in Nvidia Control Panel.


Thats a really weird GPU/CPU combination you are running. A Core 2 Duo is very old paired with a GTX 960.
I’m pretty sure your CPU is bottlenecking LS and the GPU.


Yeah I know XD the GTX 960 was paired with my other computer running a i3 8350K 16gb DDR4 tam 1tb HDD and the graphics card, but the ram fried and haven’t had the money to buy more (due to ddr4 being so expensive)