Lag on the controls?


Hi have you ever or anybody here ever experienced any latency or lag on the controls before?Actually,I have.Normally,when you control your character to move or look left right up down the character usually follows what you control them to do .That's the control I do have exactly on PC.But when using liquidsky sky computer to play games,the controls seems to be a little weird and frustrating.The character doesn't seem to do exactly as I controlled them to do.Like when I control them to look right,I push the thumb stick to the right.Yes,they do look to the right but when I stop pushing it still looks to the right.The camera still pans to the right.Sometimes I have to push the thumb stick to the right sometimes to make it stop.Sometimes it stops sometimes it didn't.Also directional thumb stick too.Push forward to walk forward sometimes I've already stopped pushing but still it walks forwards.Oh,and I use a wired Xbox 360 controller like what the website suggested.I use liquidsky on a shield tablet.It's actually a high end tablet out there.If you already know about that.So I thought that it should be because I have high resolution and framerate and quality slider.So I lowered them to lowest.Change from 1080 to 720.From 60 fps to 30 fps.The quality slider to lowest.Yes,it was ok at first.I played resident evil 6 and tried call of duty without any problems.But for a while it starts to lag on me.I don't know if it's because of the internet connection?But I already have the 5 Ghz internet band connected and I found no sign of video lag at all.There are screen tearing frequently at times but that doesn't disturb my gameplay.The lag controls I mentioned doesn't mean I can't play them at all.Yes I can but about aiming and shooting at an important situation is very critical and to have a laggy controls like this it just doesn't work well for me.I hope that the new upcoming version that's releasing in March won't have this kind of problem.Or if it still has then I don't know what to say.


Okay. That is a wall of twxt and difficukt to read, just letting you know.

I think you and I had the same issue, what is your internet speed and distance from the datacenter?