Latency of Sydney Data Centre


Hi there,

since a week or so I have a ping of 110ms+ in network. It showed my network connection as 90/100 before, now it is around 49. Even using tethering it was faster before - at around 10-20ms, now its 110ms as well.
I'm in Sydney using the Sydney Datacentre and tried connecting to it using PC and Phone on WiFi, Cable and the mobile network - the best I get is 110ms.

Can you help me figuring out where the issue is since I can't really play without massive screentearing and input delay which is not really fun at all.



Hey agc_executioner,
If you are on desktop, find your LiquidSky desktop ip by browsing Both on your computer and on LiquidSky desktop open command prompt and run 'tracert remote ip'. If your computer's ip is and LiquidSky desktop ip is; on your computer run tracert and on LiquidSky desktop run tracert

Post the result here.



there you go :slight_smile: looks weird to me


And back to normal... Didn't change any of my settings. Gamed for half an hour without trouble!