League of Legends on Liquidsky 2.0(Sick Yasuo Outplay)



I made a pretty cool outplay on League of Legends using yasuo and i want to participate on the “Show Us Your Best Stunts!” giveaway, i hope LS team likes this :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LapZLAOVwlw


I am so ready for this!

But where's the video lol


omg, i forgot to put the link, all updated now, enjoy


i also wanna join but i dont have the money to buy liquid sky instant acces


I got the Android beta liquidsky


Meu liquidsky está dando isso?


I haven't got the alpha client email yet, i alredy made those stuffs, im currently awaiting for the email


Just got the email from LS and installed the client on my tablet. Im exited to start testing the android client in search for bugs, but haven't got any credits, i guess ill need to watch a lot of adds


Hey thanks for this submission!

This outplay video was great! (Even though I still hate Yasuo =P)

Good luck in the LiquidSky video submission contest! :+1:

Can i play lol vn

Lol, everyone hates yasuo, sometimes even me(when they are mains and flaming hard their teammates)


That wasn't fair to the other Yasuo. That one had a family.


LOLOLOLOLOL, good one, well, he was also a yasuo main, but it flamed their teamates, so, deep down, he deserved to be outplayed


Winners have been finalized and polls are open!