League of legends


I was wondering how many people here use this to play league? Would you recommend? And if you have any tips :slight_smile:


Well, it depends, first, what is your ping? for a game like LoL, you need very low ping at liquidsky, like 10 or 20, and also, to what datacenter are you trying to connect, and how far is the Ls server to the LoL server, by example, i normally play at 50 ping from my normal computer, but with liquidsky, i get like 15, but i have 40 ping to liquidsky servers, so 15+40=55, that is 5 more ping that usual, but as the ping is to liquidsky, it becomes hard to play, because as the pointer also has delay, it becomes harder to click certain things, like a specific champion, especially at teamfights, i am playing in Portugal, connected to the london datacenter and playing at the EUW LoL servers, concluding, if you are playing casually or with a ping of less than 20/25 at liquidsky, i would recommend to use liquidsky to play LoL, but if not, don’t try rankeds, because at least for me, it is very hard to play like this.


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