'lifetime subscription'


this is because i've read the pricing and i'm not sure exactly how long the 5 dollar plan lasts "PAY-AS-YOU-GO" but the "Starting at $9.99/month" plan is definitely not worth it. you see with a year of spending 10 dollars you've already spent 3510 dollars. so when you've spent all your money for 2 years you've spent near 8000 dollars. that's A LOT. and it'd be greater if you had a 'lifetime' plan which avoided that mishap of spending all your money on it.

thank you for reading


Support+, sounds like it'd save tons on cash for us users.


if i wanted to spend 8000 dollars on a computer, it'd get an 8000 dollar computer


but liquidsky seems cool even though i've never tried it
so lifetime would make it better


I don't know where the 3510 figure comes from, honestly...


Where do you get those numbers?! xD

Starting at 10 dollars should mean the cheapest plan gives you 80 hours of gametime on the lowest tier.
For me that means I won't be spending more than 120$ a year.


$9.99 x 12 = $119.88 per year.
I agree for the money you don't get many hours, if that's what you mean.


That's not what I mean. 80 hours is plenty enough for me. 120$/year is dirt cheap to play WoW on a cloudPC with the low tier and be able to play near max quality. Not everybody spends more than 3 hours a day playing games. Now, I only need the low tier so again, the base amount is enough for me. Others will either go for higher plans with more hours to play on higher tiers or just play less. What's cool is you can switch tiers with a simple restart of the SkyPC.


80 hours a month is 2.5 hours average per day. For most that is sufficient, if not, you can buy extra credits, but 3500 a year? That's more than 24x365!


I am apposed to this idea. If they had a lifetime subscription, a lot of people would buy that and the servers would be overloaded all the time. Even if it costs $1,000 to have a lifetime sub. they would still end up losing a lot of money because they pay for the servers even if you have or don't have a sub. They have to keep a constant income from sources such as advertising for the free tier and having paid tiers. If they have no income then that means no service.


Don't forget the free advert based plan coming in March, though I expect it will be very laggy as that tier will be push to the bottom of the bandwidth priority line.


I don't think they mentioned a lower priority bandwidth but rather a lower priority queue to get a server slot.


Yeah I think I miss interpreted that.

I wonder how the lower priority will work. They can't give everyone a free gaming server ads or no ads so I can only surmise theres going to be a lot of upset people expecting to log on for some gaming only to find thre are either in some kind of queue or just have no chance at all.

Hope I'm wrong on that too.


I believe the number of slots per location will increase as Ian stated they'd push aggressively to get more beta users in march. That being said, the 3 hour daily limit will force slots to be freed up and allow to cycle users to avoid big, unnecessary queues. And i believe if people don't want to stay on the Free tier queue, they can just pay to become Pay-as-you-Go users and have slightly higher priority while still having access to ads and no 3 hour daily limit.

These are all beliefs/opinions as we still lack a lot of concrete information until the staff itself comes to a final decision.


the lifetime could be equal to the 5 dollar plan, or there could be some large payment. sadly i did read the pricing wrong as i didn't understand it, but 119.88 per year is a large amount of money. so why not have no hassle of paying 10 dollars every year and pay upfront how much money it costs to get it for a long period of time.


Rather them putting themselves to work on something like that I would rather see improvements. You can essentially open a savings or checking account and throw whatever you want in there and put your card details into LS.


I do understand separate words you say but your sentences make zero sense to me.
Are you suggesting them to offer a new plan?


$10 a month? that's only 2.50 a week not really breaking the bank and I'm not the type who is able to save so LS in that case is great takes the work out of having to save and just have what I was going to spend 12 months or 24 months doing and get it straight away which has been the case for close to 5 months since I've been a customer since last year.

In my country the fibre rollout for my area won't happen until 2019 which is so sad and that's why I prefer Liquidsky because I'm able to get an internet speed that I couldn't even consider for at least 2 years when it's available in my area so even if I had the money I still wouldn't have the internet connection like LS does cause mine is so slow


Oh mate bad math I have no clue where did you get 3510 I had Nokia with this numbers but it will be around 240 pre 2 year


I'm sorry but there's no way 120 dollars to access a pc for a year is too much. PC's, as cheap as they have become, are still in the range of 400-600$ for last gen hardware and will last you at most for 5 years (and that's being way too nice). Even if it will only last for 3 years, that is still more expensive than 120$/year. I get it not every country can afford 120/year, but that's not LS's problem to be bluntly honest. They want to expand globally and make localised services like Steam, which has a russian-only version where they can only buy and run their games there but has lower prices, however those are long term goals.

In the meanwhile, you will be able to have 3 hours of free, ad supported daily access in march, so I don't think it's valid to ask for a lifetime subscription because severs have to be paid for and will get upgraded over time which means more money has to keep flowing in constantly.
What I would not be opposed to is a yearly plan. I keep my 80hours/month but instead of paying 10 dollars every month I would pay 100 or 110 in one yearly payment, giving me a small discount for my yearly investment in LS. This is something many companies do and I could easily see LS come out with such plans when they finally reveal their new subscription plans.