Liqudsky says im logged into multiple devises


hello, my liquid sky isnt letting me start a computer. it says im logged into other devises when im not and i was just wondering if there is anything i could do.



Please PM your location so that we can cross check with your account. Thank you


liquid sky says im using the dallas texas location. im in colorado though.


it says the computer is on it just wont access steam or anything, so im wasting credits for nothing which sucks


I sent you a PM. Let’s discuss there. Thank you


where are pms at? ive checked my messages and dont see anything yet


You can go through the Mail symbol or you just click on the notification! :slight_smile:


It happened to me many times. Just wait a little bit and you can access your skycomputer without problems.


I get this error again few minutes before. It happens to me when I trying start my skycomputer. Then I get an error that I am not able to access my skycomputer. I have two options - quit, or access my skycomputer. If I try access my skycomputer I get this kind of error.


its still not working…


nice work I’m happy to see this its realy works


i put in a ticket and still nothing. ill try a different program for now and hop that you guys can patch this somehow


Do you still get this error?


Please make sure you only have 1 Liquidsky client instance running on your PC (it might be hidden on task manager)


ive tried ending the extra tasks in the task manager but nothing is working. i even deleted liquidsky and reinstalled it.


Well, do you still get the same error? Whenever you try to use your skycomputer, do you get the same error all the time?


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