Liquid Sky + Tridef 3d = PCVR via samsung galaxy s8


OK so I’ve been using liquid sky with tridef 3-D and I’m able to play my games in 3-D VR . I havent found a program that will allow me to use my phone gyroscope but I think I can find one. Let me know what you all think . I also am using a 10 dollar vr headset from dollar General but I have the galaxy s8. Load the tridef inside liquid sky then add your game inside tridef. It will put it in 3dvr. I just have one last step to complete and it will be able to headtrack with it. Let me know what you all think please thanks


Dude, if you can get this to work…
I’ve played Half-Life as VR port (Xash3D) on my phone, and that was already mindblowing. :nerd_face:


This is gold. We need more tests and input


I think I have a solution to the headtracking so i will let you know and i will test final fantasy xiv online I will share the footage so u can see the vr on your headsets. And share how to set it up


Hows the latency tho? Wouldn’t it cause motion sickness within minutes of using it?


The movement is fluid and no latency .i think I have a solution to the headtracking for it and im going to try what’s called an air mouse and mount that to my headset it’s worth a try until I can find an android app that lets you use the gyroscope as a mouse. Until then I use a mouse to my off and going to test that for a while. When I can I want to make a custom headset