Liquid sky tv (Washington location) HORRIBLE input lag


idk why but i get a decent 15 -20 ms connected to washington but man the mouse input lag is horrible on overwatch , csgo , any fps shooter is just garbage

Liquidsky should find out a way to fix this my internet is fine 300 down 100up wired , The game isnt lagging at all its the mouse input lag its so delayed i try everything to fix it nothing works >_<


It's my biggest problem with this service, too. It makes multiplayer shooters almost impossible to enjoy.


You should really look into a guide for reducing local latency as I was just playing Ghost Recon wild lands and I didn'tnotice any input lag and the current hardware cam barely run that game


That's local latency. Try switching to a different renderer (from software to DXVA or CUDA and viceversa).