Liquidsky 4.99 Plan Not Going Through


Hello. I just purchased the LiquidSky 4.99 plan for my father on his laptop so that I could (hopefully) play Minecraft with him. Even if just for an hour... It brought me to an Edge page for Paypal, a payment for xSolla 4.99, which I filled out. It then brought me to a page called which flashed saying it was completed, then to another with the end of the URL being "paymentcompleted" or similar and some sensitive info (if you want a screenshot or proof of payment I can show that, I took pictures with my phone). Edge said it did not know what to do with this page. Meanwhile, the client says it is waiting for confirmation. The browser won't confirm it and said it doesn't know what to do with it, reloading the webpage doesn't work, I'm afraid to X out, and even though the 4.99 went through it isn't showing on LiquidSky as the credits. Please help??? I just want to play Minecraft with my dad. Thanks in advance, xxx.

Edit: It said I can't post two images...


Nevermind it works sorry :slight_smile:


So have you received your credits?


Its OK. Glad it works! Have fun in the sky!