LiquidSky Android Beta Patch v0.4.4


In case you missed it, here are the patch notes for Android Beta v0.4.4. We’ve implemented a number of bug fixes, some UI updates, and some further behind-the-scenes work in preparation for VIP.

Release Notes Patch v0.4.4


  • Implemented a warning when a user is about to run out of SkyCredits.
  • Implemented new About & SkyComputer pages.
  • Implement UI to show user what their current plan is in SkyStore.
  • Numerous UI tweaks and updates.
  • Further updates of back end features for when VIP is implemented.


  • Fixed HUD bug where clicking on editing mode when controller is attached would crash app.
  • Fixed warning message about high ping pops-up after user went to SkyDash from SkyComputer.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking back button when Terms and condition is displayed would redirect back to password page and submit button wouldn’t work.
  • Fixed bug where when restarting trial home screen appears for a second in between loading screens.
  • Trial Onboarding will no longer appear multiple times during the Trial Process.


  • VIP Gamer Club (more info soon!).
  • Auto-quality preset option.