LiquidSky ate my payment and did not give me any credits in return


So I just tried purchasing another month of the Gamer Plan, but instead of giving me my 80 credits, it did absolutely nothing. I have received email confirmation from Xsolla that the payment DID indeed go through.

On the website, the last payment I did is recorded as the first of November of 2016. I really culd use help on this.

I do not know if i should be asking this question here, but support can't be assed to answer so I need assitance asap. Afterall, I did pay and got NOTHING in return.


Terrible. It seems like the Xsolla payment gateway has more problems than the old one did.

There really isn't much else that can be done other than to register a support ticket. All of us here are just regular users. But Xsolla does have a customer service desk, so you could give them a call and see what's going on at their end. That might be helpful in resolving this faster with LS Support, and the payment gateway has ways to get in touch with LS directly.


Actually, Xsolla did in fact acknowlede the payment. I have both a confirmation from them and paysafe. The liquid sky website hasn't acknowledged this, however something hilariously annoying is showing now in "my account".

I purchased those credits about 30 minutes ago. Acording to the website, I have 36 credits remaining and will receive another 80 on**27th of december of 2016**. Dude, please, liquidsky mods/support answer!!


Update on this situation.

On the "Status" section of My Account, I am pending of receiving credits on the 27th of december of 2016. On the "My Account" section, my previous subscription now ends on the 1st of december of 2016.

I have not received my credits yet. I have been sending messages to support and have not received an answer, I know I may come out as annoying but I really need to contact someone who can help me.