LiquidSky Beta Android Patch v0.4.10


Welcome to LiquidSky Android Patch v0.4.10, our big Streamer update and a number of UI updates and bug fixes.

Release Notes Patch v0.4.10


  • UI Support for Chromebooks and 9″ Tablets.
  • *First set of roll-outs for completely rebuilt Streamer which will provide better service, reliability, and reduced latency.
  • A number of UI and text fixes.

*Please read more about the Streamer, what will be included, and the roll-out plan here.


  • Fixed issue with Ipega and other controllers not working properly.
  • Fixed issue where the right click would not work when a mouse was connected.
  • Fixed issue with wrapping text when remapping a controller.
  • Fixed issue where the on-screen keyboard would show on the main menu if a user exited the SkyComputer while keyboard was visible.
  • Fixed clipping issue on multiple screens on certain phone resolutions.
  • Fixed issues with the way the app notifies the user that their version is out of date.
  • Fixed Xsolla issue causing Android users to be unable to make payments.


  • Updated and controller friendly UI/HUD.

If you have feedback related to the new Streamer, please refer to the community thread here.

Controller has been broken on Android since February update