LiquidSky beta review under ideal conditions


Hello everyone,

I wanted to write my thoughts about LS in its current state mainly to let those people who did not get into the beta yet know what the experience is like.

I got my key in the latest giveaway and since then have set out to make it work best I can. Here is my setup:

  • I live in Frankfurt, same city as the server I connect to
  • cabled 120 MBit internet connection
  • using a Macbook Pro Mid 2014 in the base configuration, running on the native client on macOS
  • connected via Anker USB hub to the internet over an ethernet cable
  • mouse, keyboard and xbox 360 controller are all wired
  • followed the latency guide posted elsewhere on the forum and applied the leatrix fix

As you can see this are about as good an effort as you can make to eliminate lag with the service. So let me give you the bottom line on the playability and enjoyment of the games you can play via the service.

It depends on the genre of the game entirely and it being bug free if you'll have a good time.

Playable, in my opinion, are 3rd person action games, MMOs and strategy games.

Forget about, again in my opinion, any FPS, driving games and platformers.

I have a library of about 130 steam games and am in the process of trying out the titles I am interested in right now. Let me give you a rundown of my experience with them, in no particular order. (I might add more as an edit as I make my way through them.)

Mafia III
The only game I can play enjoyably right now. In the ultra configuration. High does not have enough power for this title. It is genuine fun with the controller. Lag is noticeable to someone used to using a gaming pc but here, it is not detracting enough to spoil the experience.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Runs well on Ultra but something of a bug prevents me to play the game. When I start it, the controller lag is normal in the menu, once I jump into the game it becomes like one second, unplayable.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
Somewhat long loading times. You do notice the cloud computer only uses spinning disks. When using specific, non aiming characters, the game is somewhat playable but not enjoyable. It is first person and as such, operated with a mouse, the lag is amplified, while it is felt less with a controller.

Ryse: Son of Rome
Will neither recognize my controller nor mouse.

DiRT Rally
Runs well on Ultra and looks good. You sometimes feel like you can operate the car well but then the first corner throws you out. You start to realize a pattern and as a result just drive more slowly to be able to continue ... until you didnt drive slowly enough and are thrown out again. It is an exercise in frustration. A twitch game and as such ... just not sustainably enjoyable.

Rainbow 6: Siege
The lag is really low here and again it does run well on Ultra. Still not enough. Mouse operated FPS make any lag super apparent. You do just about think you can make a contribution but aiming is too frustrating.

These are the games I have tried out so far. I am right now downloading Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Dishonoured 2.
Of course these are my personal experiences and some of the problems may be tied to my setup, specifically the client on my operating system.

If you enjoy certain games you can have a good time on LS. If you're waiting to do your daily stint of Counter Strike on this service I, after experiencing cloud gaming these last days, cannot in the foreseeable future conceive an improvement that could be so dramatic as to make it viable.
Lag inherently kills a few games while others survive, scathed but alive.

Let me know what you think and what you have experienced or what questions you might have.
I am also glad about suggestions to solve some of the problems I described.

Thank you very much for reading,


I have now tried the client on the Windows 10 side and many of the problems are resolved. There is less lag. Tomb Raider and Ryse dont have their bugs anymore and are playable.

Strangely the performance was way worse for me in the evening than it was in the morning. There seems to be a dependency on not too many people playing at the same time.

Once USB passthrough is enabled, the mac client should be more usable as well. I suspect most of the bugs I described stem from that.

For now, playing Tomb Raider on the service is really enjoyable and brings me just what I hoped. However, it has to be in the morning for now and only after switching to Windows. -And- only really on Ultra do you get a workable gaming performance.


I'm getting a faster response/less lag than you and I'm 800kms away from the server. Driving games are easily playable as are platformers in fact the first game I played start to finish was a platformer and playing super meat boy on it now.

What I find unplayable and I think this is because of the way they imput controllers in the current build is fighting games and tony hawk pro skater which both require exact timing to do certain rhings and quite often it doesn't seem to register a button press.

Really looking forward to usb pass-through.


Added an Edit to the original entry.

Having tried it out in Windows, I can understand again why people are hyped about the service. I look forward to the features and the power of the march release.


I wouldn't use it in it's current state but really looking forward to the new Machines and hope I can turn to cloud gaming very soon.


After thinking about it I figured we may have the same lag and I may not notice it too much. So I made a little video with on screen controls to show the lag.

Excuse the poor controlling I am not used to using on screen controls. Also on 2.4ghz wifi here so probably a little nore lag then my ethernet box I play on but I didn't notice it.


Interesting im playing thps4 and im not noticing serious lag or trouble with input through pcxs2


Thanks for that reply. Turns out my ethernet adapter was slowing down my internet and introducing some lag. Changed to 5ghz wifi and now I can't even notice any lag. Awesome.