LiquidSky Beta Windows Client Patch v0.3.3


LiquidSky Beta v0.3.3 is here with a number of updates and the roll-out of our VIP Gamer Club. Take a look below for all the details.


VIP Gamer Club

  • Add On (Pay-as-you-go) Packages will now be discounted.*
  • VIP border will be placed around your avatar.
  • New referral with 2x the bonus.
  • More to come later!
    How do you join the VIP Gamer Club? It’s as easy as having a monthly subscription. As a thank you for being a subscriber, you will become a VIP Gamer Club member! You can find information here.
    *Discounts subject to change. Join now for 20% off Add On Packages for a limited time! More information here.


  • Free trial removed until further notice.
  • Implemented a warning to users when they are about to run out of SkyCredits while in their SkyComputer.
  • Implemented UI to show monthly users what their current plan is in SkyStore.
  • Improved UI/UX throughout the application.


  • Fixed inconsistencies of the cloud status icon in regards to the status of a user’s SkyComputer.
  • Fixed issue where when the application was closed on the Data Center selection screen during sign up, would not be assigned a Data Center.
  • Fixed numerous UI inconsistencies and responsiveness.


  • “Automatic” setting for client quality settings.
  • NVIDIA driver update.
  • New network protocol to improve latency and connection issues.