LiquidSky Beta Windows Client Patch v0.3.6


LiquidSky Beta v0.3.6 is live with a new and improved Streamer along with some other key fixes.

Release Notes Patch v0.3.6


  • Improved stats panel to monitor more performance metrics. You can find out more here.
  • Improved the way client UI is updated to allow for quicker and more streamlined updates.
  • *First set of roll-outs for completely rebuilt Streamer which will provide better service, reliability, and reduced latency.

*Please read more about the Streamer, what will be included, and the roll-out plan here.


  • Fixed text issue when user received an email confirmation warning.
  • Fixed text issue when a user tries to change their email address after confirming it.
  • Fixed issue where the UI would flash when exiting the SkyComputer from the HUD.
  • Fixed UI issues at 1440p resolution.
  • Fixed issue with auto-login not working when a benchmark test was required.


  • NVIDIA driver update.
  • More options in regards to changing resolution.
  • Updated UI that will be controller friendly.

If you have feedback related to the new Streamer, please refer to the community thread here.