LiquidSky Beta Windows Patch v0.3.9 / Android v0.4.13


Some continued tweaks to the streamer including a significant decrease in latency and improved performance. Most of the changes made were to both Android and Windows, so we combined the patch notes.


  • Implemented “Servers are currently full” status into LiquidSky status page.
  • Finished auto preset.
  • Removed CEF render (now using our own render to save 2+ frames of delay).
  • Optimized stream data to pass additional parameters to stream.
  • Added HTML5 Inputs + Audio and preparation for next steps.


  • Fixed streamer crash issue where full-screen caused streamer/Nvidia crash.
  • Fixed bug that caused delay when closing and then reconnecting to the stream.

ANDROID 0.4.13

  • Fixed issues where the timeout was improperly being activated and kicking users out.
  • Fixed issue where swapping data centers when user’s SkyComputer was on would cause connection issues.
  • Fixed issues with keyboard while in stream.
  • Removed mention of storage on Beginner plan when user is subscribed.


  • Updated UI that will be controller friendly.
  • Updated Nvidia drivers to be released soon.