LiquidSky client crashing after login Ubuntu 16.4


Hey guys,

So I've been using LiquidSky on Ubuntu 16.4 for the past two weeks using Wine to run the Windows version.

It had all been working fine till I tried to login this morning and found that just after I click Login it takes me to the screen to start my Sky computer or purchase more credits briefly but then crashes.

When I show the error report I get the following,

Like I said, was all working fine last night, any ideas?

Thank you.


You are not on the Nividia 378 driver atm ?
The Nvidia 378 driver is having issues with the LS client atm.

if so, you must downgrade your driver.


I am on Nvidia driver version 304.


What is your current Wine version and which branch (staging/dev) ?


I'm using Wine 2.1 Staging