Liquidsky client does not work


When I try to quit my skycomputer, option “Turn Off SkyComputer” does not work at all. I clicked many times to this option, but nothing happens. If I want to quit my skycomputer I have to kill liquidsky process, start liquidsky again and then click on orange button “Turn off”. Sometimes “Turn off” button does not work, because sometimes it shows an error “An error has occured. Please try again.”.

When Liquidsky finally fix all problems? Client is unstable. Games are unplayeable (lags all the time, video stuttering). I have horrible experience with liquidsky. Nothing improved. Everything is getting worse after their updates. :frowning: It seems that problems will never be fixed. Liquidsky only want more money, but their service is not good. I bought thousands of skycredits, but I am not able to use them. I can only use skycomputer for internet and chess engine testing, but not for gaming, because games does not work because of lags and video stuttering.


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I would probably say try a client reinstall, especially if it’s been updated over the course of a few months. I’ve had (from personal experience- even when I was a user) the client break randomly for no apparent reason (certainly isn’t my computer- I’m the kind of guy who runs a Defrag and a Chkdsk every month or so). Could also use a touch more information about your situation- I assume you’re on the PC client but there could be potentially other factors at play here aside from your client needing a reinstall (datacenter match, what times you connect, what performance tier you use, status of computer etc.).

To reinstall the LS client on PC, there are two ways. First way (if you have hidden files and folders visible on your computer) is to simply navigate to C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming and delete the LiquidSky folder.
If you do not have hidden files and folders visible on your computer, then run the %APPDATA% command from the Run sequence on Windows (press the Windows key and R together and a dialogue should pop up).
To reinstall, simply run the .exe from the main website where you download the client.

At least in my experience the service has improved (though it certainly does have its bumps, as is with any sort of beta) over time but definitely it has a ways to go. Staff are definitely not idle (at the very least being a mod) and some things are in the works (check out the LiquidSkyGG twitch channel where a Twitch AMA with the LS CEO is available to view).


When I start my skycomputer I get this error all the time. Reinstalling liquidsky client did not fixed any problems I have with liquidsky.


Hmmm, is your skycomputer new? What plan are you currently on?


This has happened to me last week, you might have to try closing it using he X button (upper right corner) and try that workaround.
For me I get that message when I shut it down but after an app restart the skypc was shutdown properly.

Make sure you are on WIn 8.1 at least, because I imagine some Win 7 users might get this issue more often (due to compatibility)


This workaround worked for me. Thank you dontran and N00B731O.


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