Liquidsky CPU (Benchmark)


Im test my NoteBook Asus T300 la with i7 4500U and LS Game mod in passmark benchmark
Here my i7

and look at LS

it is slower than my mobile CPU with 15w TDP = :scream:

rly disappointed.

Now i whant change my DC to London from FF and test it again.


Changing datacenters won’t change anything necessarily- these are all run by IBM, all roughly on the same hardware. The CPUs that this service use are down below:

@Encento However, keep in mind virtualization technology isn’t perfect, being along the lines of technologies like SLI/Crossfire where the translation from theory to practice isn’t perfect. The virtual machines don’t have Hyper-Threading as even the specific cores used for your skycomputer aren’t always the same. So, if I had to wager the CPU itself doesn’t boost to full potential, if it boosts at all. However, what that CPU has over your laptop is probably sustained clocks. Running stress tests over and over again won’t faze the Xeon as much as your Core i-series (just run Prime 95- clocks drop pretty quickly as you reach the temperature thresholds).

(Apologies for the late edit and mention, but we mods are humans too :stuck_out_tongue: Posted a bit too early)


Of course, I know this, but i think Benchmark score depends on the load on the server
So Score can vary in different data centers.


Correct, CPU and GPU are shared hardware, so more users = less performance.


So it’s not a problem, that it’s enough for most games, I just expected more performance :upside_down_face:

For example Intel Celeron g1840 can run all games and it cost 40$ ) its score - 2800


Here is London
Hmmm, its rly strange О_О I expected other results )))


Interesting- but honestly these benchmarks are what they are- just indications of theoretical performance (never been on any of the datacenters in question but according to @Xelasarg there’s no difference between LD and FF in terms of performance [maybe network differences based on location in Fortnite but nothing else noteworthy]). In actual play it doesn’t matter (currently it’s the GPU that’s the bottleneck, but in the future it could be the CPU that’s the bottleneck :wink: ).


Also please keep the results as a grain of salt, because I also did a FF 15 benchmark and another user got a lower score running it on Pro than on Gamer which shouldn’t be the case. So there will always be margin of errors (with heavy loads and other factors that will impact the score)


Just out of interest, are your skycomputers windows license activated?


I’m not sure what the exact score should be but xeon processors are always slower than desktop pcs released at the same time, they are very dependent on multicore processing. It is also very easy for someone else to affect the score with their concurrent skycomputer use.


This Xeon processor 5 times more faster then my desktop and 2 time faster then ryzen 5 (for example), but this CPU and GPU are shared hardware and we use 1\10 of it power, that’s the problem.


I was talking single thread performance which is how you should talk about them since you only have access to 3 or 6 threads at a time.


They are, it’s just that with users deleting their skycomputer semi-frequently (also storage persistence is a thing), the activation server might be overwhelmed and not have enough keys to send out to validate newer skycomputers.

@DimMonkey You are definitely correct on this one, but keep in mind under the hood CPUs should be relatively the same (a Haswell Xeon may not necessarily beat a consumer Skylake for instance, but might have features that just debut on Skylake consumer desktops [knowing from personal experience enterprise tech. slowly trickles to the consumer]). Just that with virtualization and other technologies of this partitioning nature features are probably disabled for security/stability reasons (like Hyper-Threading or Intel Turbo-Boost).


You can activate via telephone.


I saw a post in another thread explaining that if we just wait for server to be assigned more keys it will get activated automatically.

If too many people delete sky computer and/or new users are creating new skycomputer server runs out of keys.

EDIT: See Liquidsky CPU (Benchmark)