Liquidsky Crashing


Liquid sky crashes when I change date of my pc. Can anyone help me with this issue


Hey btcuser,

This is a rather curious case, as we have never heard of such an error before.

Could you please give me more details as to how the crash is occurring?

Does this crash occur when you are changing the date of your SkyComputer or Local Computer?



When I change date of sky computer. It's not getting past 6 June 2016. Am trying to get it on 15th April, 2015. But as clicks on any date past 6 June 2016, liquidsky freezes. I waited long everytime so that it could get normal. But it really freezes. At restart the date gets set to 6 June 2016. Am trying to install a game of mine that has its license valid till 15 April 2015 only. But I can't do it due to this bug.


Now there's another problem. Liquid sky is not starting at all. I sent u a pm with complete details. Please check on it.