Liquidsky doesn't run after the latest update


I am a big fan of Liquidsky, but after the latest update, whenever I try to launch a SkyComputer, i always get a green screen.
OS: Windows 10.
Processor: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5500 @ 2.80GHz 2.80Ghz.
GPU: Intel g41 Express CHIPSET.
I would like to get a solution or a refund instead!


That’s a known bug, and it’s being worked on. No ETA on a fix, but you’re not the only one.


So I literally just wasted my money on nothing? GG, NICE SERVICE! U RUINED IT ALL!!!


It says on the website the minimum hardware specs to run the client. (It is very clearly stated)
You will have to keep waiting for a patch or upgrade as there is no current work arounds at the moment, sorry


Are you kidding me? the application was working fine as I described! that’s a joke


The app can work fine today but it can break tomorrow. There are some Windows 7 users who were using the app but at certain windows updates later it broke functionality.
You can try a Windows reinstall and see if that works, otherwise I’m out of options. Sorry


I am a windows 10 user, & i have tried reinstalling it many times without any luck!