LiquidSky February 2017 Update


:diamonds: In this video, I do an update on the current information on the 2017 Beta launching March 1st!
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when you are talking about the pay-as-you-go plans do you have to renew the plans every month or do you purchase it when you need more skycredits. i know i shouldn't be asking you but how you explained them is confusing to me.


I think with Pay as you go. You do just that.
Use the Liquid Sky where and when you want until your credits run out.. No need to keep buying, that's what I do now.
You will need to log in every 7 days though if you want to keep the Cloud computer in it's current state or it will get deleted.


No, you don't have to pay monthly. The way pay as you go works now is you just buy credits as you need them. These cost $.50 per credit. If you buy extra credits on the monthly plan currently, then the cost is $.30 per credit.

With the new pay as you go plan, there is now tiers. They weren't clear exactly how these will function because right now you just buy Credits and have one storage tier. They didn't mention if you could still buy credits outside of these packages or if the packages will be the only way to purchase credits in Pay as You Go. You CAN still use the free Ad credits in Pay as you Go.


Yep, exactly. The only thing I'm wondering about is how long the benefits last when you purchase one of the Pay as You Go Plans. For example, the $5 package includes 720 credits/month. They didn't mention how long this benefit lasted for, but this could be amazing for very casual players.


Hey Zach, thanks for doing this!


I think it would be just like the old system except for $4.99 you get credit, no ads, but you still still need to login every 7 days or your SkyPC will be erased. If you get a subscription pan of $9.99 or more, then you won't have to login every 7 days just as long as you keep the plan.


No problem, I hope you gained something from the video.


Well on the new Pay as you Go it says it gives you monthly credits. It doesn't specify if this is only for X months, but I don't see them giving you 12 hours of gameplay per month forever just for spending $5 once. Also the Pay as You Go also will have different storage tiers too. The old Pay as you Go had the same storage tier and you simply purchased credits in bundles of 10 with up to 100 credits per order.


Looking forward to V2!