LiquidSky for Video Editing?


Hello everybody,

I'm interested in liquidsky, of course for gaming but also for 4k video editing and photography work. So i would like to know if the service is only for gaming or is it like i'll pay for a real PC on which i could install anything i want (Da Vinci Resolve, Photoshop CC, etc ...).
I also want to know, how is the service working on an android device ? is it better on a windows device ?
I hope you'll understand what i'm asking for, my english isn't good because i'm french.

Thank you for your help :wink:


I think that the main issue here might be transferring A LOT of gigabytes of raw material and storing it.
But still I wonder how do you spend credits if you're not gaming. To they start to decrease as soon as you launch the pc? Or only as soon as you launch some heavy task like a RAM- and CPU-consuming video editor?


Won't be cost effective come march because LS will be returning to credit system for all plans and even now and before unlimited had an idle timeout which was forced for 30 minutes so you'd have to stay up for hours to babysit the video lol


Oh. I see. thank you for your help ! i think if it will return to credit system it's not really a good deal for video editing.