"LiquidSky in the Living Room"


Hello LiquidSky Community!

Recently I read an intriguing blog post for the official LiquidSky team entitled “LiquidSky in the Living Room” (https://blog.liquidsky.tv/2017/12/07/using-liquidsky-living-room-part-1-windows/)

Basically, the article details how to take the powerful streaming service LS offers from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and to take it to your big screen. This concept was one I had wondered to myself about idly for awhile but the blog post encouraged me to experiment.

So I did! And I have some thoughts and questions for you, the community :slight_smile:

First, let me tell you about the machine I purchased to make all of this happen. The article suggests getting a mini Windows PC to run LiquidSky because they are a relatively affordable option that possess enough “guts” to run LiquidSky.

The following are the stats of my new mini PC pulled right from the description on Amazon:
The ACEPC AK1 Slice offers a wide range of unique features for less than $200. The AK1 Slice is powered by Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 processor with 4GB of RAM, which means it’s powerful enough to be your primary PC.


CPU:Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455
GPU:Intel HD Graphics
WiFi:Dual Band 2.4G/5G
Bluetooth: Version 4.0


USB port:2xUSB 3.0;2xUSB 2.0;1xMicro USB for OTG
Card reader: TF Card up to 128GB
HDMI Port :HDMI 1.4
Microphone audio: 3.5mm Microphone jack x1

I was (and still am) motivated and excited to get everything up and running smoothly. (I’ve been telling literally anyone who will listen about how freaking awesome of a service LS for a looong time) I downloaded LiquidSky onto my new mini PC, plugged up a wired controller, and am using a reliably speedy (wired, in this case) broadband connection that I’ve been successfully running LS on most of my devices from.

Here are the issues that I’ve encountering:

  1. I can’t seem to get the resolution on the LS desktop to match that of my massive 65’ in 4K TV. I’m thinking maybe LiquidSky only displays up to a certainly resolution natively? If true, that would be a cool addition to the company blog post dedicated to bringing LS to TVs (4K isn’t standard yet but I can’t imagine I’m the only person who read that blog post and instantly began daydreaming about gorgeous LS graphics on their nice 4K TV :D)

  2. When I DO run games at the highest available resolution settings, utilizing the Pro plan, AND with a dedicated wired broadband the picture and frame rates I’m getting are very bad. LS runs with higher graphics on my crappy Android phone than on the dedicated machine I bought just to use the service.
    Latency is noticeable in a way that is charateristaically unlinke my experience thus far with LS on my other devices.

In closing, I’m looking for any tips, tricks, or general wisdom about running the Windows LiquidSky app more smoothly. Specifically I’m looking for insight into getting LS up on my TV but any general knowledge about settings, other programs (boosters, etc.), or really anything that can help me get back to my games!

Thank you guys for your time!



Wow, great post! :+1:

I have used LS on my laptop, connected to my 55" 4K TV. I found that indeed, for some weird reason, the font looks fuzzy, whereas on my laptop screen, it’s perfectly sharp. Maybe some upscaling issue on the TV? In games, I found it to be quite bearable.

You can try to toggle hardware acceleration on/off in the client settings, to reduce lag. Some devices need it, some work better without.


The fonts look fuzzy because you are basicly displaying a 1080p desktop on a 4k display, like if you had a pc with a 1080p res, but playing games at 720p, i think


Thanks! I’m going to give this a shot


Is there any specific settings I could tinker with on either the TV or my LS desktop to remedy this? Or at least make it less noticeable?


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Strange thing though, my own local Windows desktop is crisp on the TV, and it’s basically the same - 1080p on a 4K TV. Some Windows video “optimization” going on? :thinking:


Hmm, i’ll try to find the reason, and if possible, a solution


Any news if the new vGPU drivers for LS will provide super scaling (DSR) options for sky computer users in nvidia control panel?

I found connecting a shield tablet to 4k TV gave awesome 4k graphical performance for running LS but input related issues made that hardware config unusable but am sure too find workarounds that suit my wants.

The Tegra K1 inside shield tablet gives proper native 4k when connected to 4k TV by HDMI cable. This is called console mode.

I tried side loading LS client to SATV to run sky computer gamed in 4k TV but this was shockingly unusable again mostly down to input related issues!

All LS need to do is provide android TV support IMO as gaming on 4k TV at 4k ress is truely a remarkable experience

I found LS is streaming games at a weird 12** x7** red by default so think shield tablet has some extra sauce going on for 4k gaming in console mode

How good your TV is at upscaling is major factor too for non native 4k content

I use Philips 55" 6400 4k TV 2015 and hope to upgrade to BFGD soon

Have you applied for beta access to nvidias own cloud gaming solutions for Mac and PC? It is currently invite only and there is waiting list but there is no financial cost involved to try out games you already own.

Their android version is very limited in comparison and is why I am trying out LS on android which very nearly works for me. Getting LS for android working on 4k TV would be brilliant but am struggling to work it out too.

This could be a solution for both of us as we wait for LS devs to optimise LS service and client for a wider scope of hardware configs.

At CES 2014 nvidia demonstrated exactly what op and I are trying to do…

A batman game was streamed from a local PC (office) to a 4k TV . the game was paused and then the question “well that is great but what about WiFi?” And a shield portable was used to demonstrate player carried on from he paused game on 4k TV and game being streamed wirelessly

It was then explained that game was being streamed over the internet from a server in France which was 6, 000 mikes away! This waa demonstrating gamestream and not GFN ( or GRID as it was called at that time)



It’s funny to think on Liquidsky a year ago some of the things you asked for were possible but after their refresh they’ve been playing catchup, hoping to see them get everything with the usability it used to have sometime this year.


To be honest I think LS are doing exactly what nvidia are currently doing and are simply optimising service for low powered PCs.

Does LS service use GRID hardware in data centre?

I see *** as a proof of concept demonstrating too third party service providers what GRID tech can deliver. So it could be considered flagship or benchmark service too.



To fix that- on your sky computer go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System\Advanced Settings\Performance Settings\Click adjust Best Appearance. This should help.


If that was the case fuzzy font would be least of worries.

Everybody has to adjust this after installing LS because the ootb bitrate is set so low skycomputer is unusable by default!

Edit: Oops scratch that. My bad.

Edit 2: @Clayton4 Have you tried raising LS bit rate?


Is your local PC capable of 4k resolutions on desktop?

Is your local PC capable of 4k encoding and decoding?

Are the HDMI ports on local pc HDMI 2.0 or newer?

Are you using HDMI 2.0 or higher cable?

How are you connecting local PC to 4k TV?

How does your local PC desktop compare to sky computer desktop when connected to TV?

On TV, when you press “sources” button selecting the cog wheel to access settings for the source that pc is connected too, you should see a “game mode” and/or “pc mode” option. Selecting these should help with PC font fuzziness.


After a bit of testing I can confirm what we need to do remove general fuzziness in sky computer desktop.

We need to set custom Stream Quality in LS settings. Anything less than
20MBps bit rate is fuzzy as fuzzy stuff

20MBps gives proper HD but only when HD+ is also selected

Even at these settings windows desktop was really fuzzy after using pinch zoom

The only reason I have to use pinch zoom is because of FUBAR mouse cursor …

The default ootb medium streaming quality is absolutely unusable and is nowhere near HD like it claims.

This when configuring local device display before trying to connect to TV.

[strikethrough]Also worth checking is set “prefer maximum performance” in nvidia control panel.[/strikethrough]

We can not set local device desktop to anything higher than 1080p

Once a nice looking local device display setting has been achieved your TV will upscale it much better when you connect to TV.


Some more tips for improving stream quality (removing fuzziness) are shared at



Thanks, reading through these and I’m going to give this a shot shortly


I zoomed in quite a bit on skycomputer windows desktop to take this screenshot

Crystal clear! :sparkler:


Good to see that your desktop is crystal clear, happy gaming :slight_smile:


Do not worry about setting slider to highest bitrate.

I have only 76Mbps internet connection but skycomputer must be using gigabit connection.

When downloading things for skycomputer I am seeing 150 MBps download speeds. Which I have never had privilege of before and is one of the things that help show how amazing cloud gaming has become recently.


Check this out: :muscle::sunglasses::+1: