Liquidsky is done


WOW- after your great changes the forum is dead. I guess LS as company is dead. the only active part of forum is server network issues because they still did not repair jitter bug.


I don’t think they are dead or “done”.
There will always be dumb money willing to pay anything for the service, working or not.
Whether it’s enough to sustain it, I certainly hope so, because I have a load of credits to get rid of.


Well, obviously you are still here. :slightly_smiling_face:


All I will say for that is that issues like these take time to be fixed, especially if they are hard to be replicated. These issues seem to be more prominent during peak (in my experiences of it), but I have experienced them off-peak. As stated before if one can it would be best if they could record the stream from their local system/device so that the developers can track specific instances of bugs popping up.

The forums always has peaks and troughs of activity; if there’s not much to talk about there’s not much reason for people to post.


I am here just to hopefully see conomic backlash for a months of abusing cutomers. I log in here every few days and so on. I switched to different service and you would do aswell. They provide unlimited with much more powerfull hardware.

You would do well there as a good moderator you are. Really cannot understand why do you moderate for this horrible company.


Please dont confuse yourself. Forum had always activity, now its like its dead zone.

Nobody argues it takes time to fix issue, I argue that LS takes 10x more time than normal company.


All I will say is that to a certain extent things will always be speculation- especially in this case no one really knows how the company is doing; even for us mods all of what we know is from Morgan. So perhaps you’re right, perhaps nobody’s right (myself included- even I am not dead certain of what is going on; but what I do know is that there are a good amount of old accounts that rarely surface anymore if ever- what happened to them is open to interpretation given the limited knowledge one could obtain of said situation [my point is that people come and go, and possibly not everyone who uses the service cares to use the discussion platforms {looking at the Warframe forums- only a vocal minority is active in discussion which annoys other users who are not in the know of what goes on in the forums}]). It is what it is sadly and there’s only so much that can be said about it.


You are right that we dont really know how the company is doing. However after those suicidal decisions and poor execution i think it is safe to say they are loosing lot of people.

In the end company can have terrible struggles and problems of all kind but must never loose one thing - you know what? The feeling that customer is being appreciated and that has been continuosly being lost. People here dont feel appreciated. We know wea re just money for them.


This way too true, I need to find a new service for both android and PC


Please see my reply to your bug thread- your situation is rather unique and I would like to get to the bottom of this as it really shouldn’t be happening.


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