LiquidSky is IMPLODING


Well folks, Im sure we can all be certain of two things: One is that all we wanted was a hardware upgrade and two is that liquidsky is currently in dire straits.

LS went from being the loveable rogue of the gaming world to hated penny pinchers in the span of 1 day.

People say Im too negative since the start, even though Ive been a paying customer for a year (years?) now.

Its not the end of LS, but you can see it from here,


Hey there, kudos to be a regular user of LS.:sunglasses:
Maybe, I should tell you something related to hardware upgrade
" GPU upgrade was implemented on the test servers for internal testing but due to the fact that p100 couldn’t breakthrough the barriers of m60 . The idea for GPU upgrade is dropped for now. "
Well, you must have already read this on official announcement that Nvidia licensing servers have some issues which are being fixed.
Hopefully, software upgrade could increase some of the gaming performance ( I assume that…)
No one likes price increase but for long run the service has to come up with this.:wink:


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