Liquidsky lifetime package


Is there any way you can buy a liquidsky computer, like paying 5 thousand dollars to get a full complete access for lifetime without any sky credits or anything else like that. If there is I might be interested in it..


I'm sorry but that's not a available plan for liquidSky to buy it's only monthly or pay as you go sorry


If you have that kind of money why not just buy a computer


Accessibility. Computing on demand. Being able to take it anywhere and access it instantly.

I don't have enough money for something like this, but would do it in a heartbeat if I did. I doubt LiquidSky would ever do it, though. Not for a 'lifetime' anyway. They ultimately need to make money, after all, and would end up losing money in hosting costs in the long term. This is kind of the model OnLive used and I'm pretty sure it contributed to them going under.

I would love for something like $5000 for a ten year unlimited access guarantee, though.


Yeah since their costs are constant so then does their income needs to be as well, one off costs isn't very economical.