Liquidsky never fix anything



I pay for this...


I think they are making updates but they don't launch it, tomorrow in the streaming in ces 2017 the will launch the new and update client i think i don't know xd


Yeah you do pay for this, but it is also in beta, so issues will occur. But a bit of warning would of been nice, only if they knew this was coming.


I think they should have some pop-up every 24 hours when you login and you have to type in that you Accept that it's beta and that there maybe bugs..


Its not gone, just write them to log in locally and fix the problem. Tell them if you installed anything recently to change configuration.


The only one time I got this message is when I installed Origin and logged back in. Since then I have used my Steam account exclusively. It's been about 2 months and no port 80 problems. My Origin account will have to wait till updates fix it.


yeah that happen to me too bcuz i install origin


Start a new pc ? kek


I must admit as much as I like Liquid Sky (new subscriber) I have found the community involvement a bit lacking, I originally posted on the reddit channel but that appeared to be dead then found a link that mentioned this official forum and on here it seems more active but little official involvement.

Like others say it is a beta, but it would be nice for someone official to just apologise and give you some direction, most companies have common problem solutions they can just post in like they would with the helpdesk so that way if you have 100 people with the same problem just give them a few lines of apology then copy and paste the solution/workaround.

I appreciate its beta and they are probably working on a tight budget as not many people are investing in this sort of tech right now, but I think a bit more community involvement would work wonders.


haha, true.

Yep same as the other guys, Origin was probably the culprit for me to. I had the issue about a week or two back.


I agree that a good connection between the people behind the company and it's users are great. It really forms a very good bond and loyal customers.

But I think at the moment a lot of them are busy at CES, hopefully there will be more contact in the upcoming weeks.


Yeah I imagine a lot of them are there, but on the other hand surely it's more important to keep on top of the community given they are hoping for a lot of new traffic.

One of the first things I looked at before I sunk money into this was the reddit community and here, the reddit one seemed quite active but here seemed quite dead. I have posted about 3 important topics for me and not really had any response from official people.

Not gonna lose too much sleep but I would definitely implore LS to invest in a community/support manager or if they have one some more staff to help him out. I know they also have a support page but ideally they should allow people to post problems here and move it to a ticket if needed etc.

Anyway hope it gets a bit more lively after the announcement.


First time I also posted on Reddit, but my post never show up on board and never got any comments. There was an auto comment from liquid sky to write them @ support email. After I did that, I got auto email reply that email is not monitored anymore.

They do reply always on official chat, accessible from login page on official webpage. Replies are always templates though, if related with bug and performance issues, reply is always the same. Edit: I got reply about my VMware Workstation question how to make it work on SKY as I am getting Hyper V error. Reply was not technical, it was just like sky is virtual machine you dont need to run any virtual machines on it.( like they know what I need to do ). I dont think there is communication between their departments, like Support with management etc. Support guys probably work from home and just spam same answers to everyone.

It's just how innovation is run today. Support is expensive. Project is still in Beta and there is probably no profit yet.

From my experience community is always best support, you cant pay a tester to perform as well as single enthusiastic community member that is willing to test and explore on its own. Paid support anyway, where ever you go, will just offer some scripted template answers or copypaste from knowledge bases.

We need to share knowledge and help ourselves.


what did you install in your skypc lol


Origin, i can tell you a lot of bugs, and problems


A couple weeks ago there was a post about people asking for a new performance package. A couple of people(myself included) were not so fond of the idea, seeing as the many issues the SkyComputers tend to get(fps drops, freezes, lagspikes).

One of the issues I brought up is communication. There is a lack of communication from the devs to the users of LiquidSky. The Blog is rarely updated with useful information. There is a lack of a roadmap so that users may know what to expect, and when to expect it. Hell, I missed the CES presentation and found a link on the subreddit to the transcript so I could read what they talked about. There is no summary of it on the blog, or the subreddit, or even here.

Speaking for myself, as much as I appreciate their job, and I really like LiquidSky, but a little transparency doesn't hurt. Accepting there are issues and they are working on them. Interacting with the users doesn't hurt. It gives people some light on what's going on. But there is a lack of that around here. The sub reddit is almost dead, save for a couple daily posts and answers. I fear this place is going exactly in that same direction.


At least Origin should work out of the box with the new LS, along with MS Store and DX12 support.


Origin rekts the SkyComputer, forever encasing it on an infinite loop of starting up and failing.

This is because Origin has a service under Services.MSC called "Origin Web Helper" which starts automatically when you start the pc. This creates some sort of problem with the startup of the SkyComputers, in which they can't start and will fail epically until the application tells you your SkyComputer is having a metldown.

As such, to fix this issue you can do some tweaking on the console, or you can just run Services.MSC, scroll to "Origin Web Helper Service" and set it to startup manually.

It's been a while since I used Origin so I have no clue if this doesn't work anymore.


It looks like the new skycomputer coming in February will have Origin pre-installed so that problem may no longer be an issue :slight_smile:


1 month its too much time to wait :confused: