Liquidsky on a macbook 12 inch?


Hi, have anybody tried og know how well the Macbook 12 inch 2015 or 16 for that matter. On the a liquid sky computer?


I use a MBP '09 without any issues. However the mac client has some bugs regarding logging out and timeouts so if you don't want to use the mac client you can run the Windows client through Wine which works just as well.


Nice to hear what settings do you play on ? :slight_smile:


I play on 720p@30fps but only because my screen resolution is 1280x800 (pre-Retina display) and because I only have access to a 8Mbps ADSL connection (or I'd play in 60fps). Those settings also give me 15ms local latency which is fine for me since I don't play FPS'.
Though with a model as recent as yours I see you easily having a 5 to 10 ms local latency (stream decoding delay) on 1080p@60fps. If your model has a dual gpu I'd advise using gfxCardStatus to force your Mac to use the dedicated GPU to have the best performance. The integrated gpu works fine but using the dedicated one (if available) just enables hardware decoding to be that more efficient.


Nice to hear, thank you so much for all your help