Liquidsky on dex station


Please, optimize the experience for dex station, I like use LS on my galaxy s8 dex, but the screen is small and the mouse, keyboard and xbox controller doesn’t work very well.


Read this thread here: (very similar to what it asks - since Chromebooks also have the same issue)


Since the upgrade to Oreo there is a feature on Dex to fullscreen any app if you turn it on. As for the controller it should have already worked.


Is this on the S9 so far? Idk if all the S8’s got Oreo yet.

How does it work with the Dex update?


I describe how to get 0.4.9 working on SATV with Shield Controller at

which fixes vast majority of controller and mouse related issues and makes skycomputer usable for me.

and there is bug report which was created to help LS devs prioritise controller and mouse related issues in LS android client which can be found at

The more people affected by controller issues in skycomputer ( not just android users) that leave requested info there, the better! imho