LiquidSky on Linux


Hi guys! Anyone playing at this time from linux? Is it ok? I’m currently thinking about switch windows to ubuntu, so I need to know, how stable it works on this OS.


Only way to run this service on Linux as far as I know is using Wine for the time being. Staff are working on an HTML 5 (Chrome) client but that is a ways off for the time being.


Also keep in mind that because Wine is essentially an emulation layer for Windows programs on Linux, the best you can hope for is reduced performance vs Windows for the time being. Hopefully that HTML5 client is open soon, tho! :slight_smile:


Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods and allowing you to cleanly integrate Windows applications into your desktop.


You can have some success with using liquidsky on wine, but there is other software that you can use on liquid sky and have a native Linux client.

Pm if you are interested, the don’t like me helping out Linux users.


Unless your workaround involves using certain external streamers (I say certain as some companies that have streaming applications also offer competing cloud services to LS), it should generally be allowed- I don’t see a reason any one of us mods or for staff to “not like” you helping out others. Just the only issue is that if this were on a hypothetical external streamer there is little to be done in terms of support/help as not many would be familiar with said streamer- that’s all (at least in my book).


lol, very well done.

LiquidSky doesn’t support Linux and I doubt they ever will. I couldn’t talk about them way before they had a competing product.

It is about time LiquidSky matured as a company.


If you watched the AMA an HTML 5 client is being offered for the enterprise side, and will later trickle down to the gaming side.


Ok, two things:

  1. This comment does not help AT ALL, as it doesn’t really explain why you feel that way, and
  2. Liquidsky staff have said time and again that once the client is stable enough to their liking, that they will branch out to different platforms (mainly when discussing a Mac port, but Linux port would also make sense as it wouldn’t be too difficult to go from there).

Also, its crazy to think that this company has not grown, especially considering it started with a couple of people in an apartment, iirc (have been around since its beginnings, and A LOT of things have changed since then). Do they still need to mature? Very much so, not wrong there. But considering the fact that they have grown this much so far and have been providing a similar service to the Enterprise level and have been successful since, the rate of growth can only really go up…


I’m not sure what you mean… The way I feel Liquidsky won’t do a Linux client?

I’ve also been around a good while, joined in the first beta and the company promise a good few things. All of these promises they have gone back on.

I’ve moved on to another service, (nothing relating to a Linux client I was recommending to use with LS) and I am totally happy with the new service.

I only come on here occasionally because of the stupid amount of credits I have left in this service, which I gave up trying to use.


Yeah, because you CLEARLY had more to say than “LOL, LS is trash because they don’t support a very niche OS”. Not childish at all, my guy. Also:

I mean yeah, it does, but HOW? Stating something like that literally DOESN’T help because it doesn’t provide ANY criticism beyond “This company sucks because it does things I don’t like”.

As someone who got in slightly before early beta (Again, talking about when this was run out of an apartment and not an office, iirc), this is fair, Ill rescind my comment.

So then your response is to come over here and trash the service anyway? When you’ve “moved on” to a competitor that doesn’t have a Linux client either? Then what pray tell, was the point of pointing it out if you still don’t have a Linux client anyway?


I gotta agree that LS has to mature as a company but not in the way you put it. No company application or anything for that matter is perfect. To be blunt shit happens and while LS has its many flaws linux isn’t exactly the most important thing rn. I rather have a polished application first before we start adding more platforms. No point in expanding if the base material has alot of flaws in the first place.


This! There is NO WAY I would use a service that is multi-platform only to learn that no matter where you use it, the experience is garbage. It doesn’t make sense from both a business and user perspective.


Wow… just wow… You missed the mark by miles.

I’ve paid into this service, I still have credits, I can comment as much as the next paying customer.

Oh they have a Linux client and a mac one.


I agree, that’s why I said I doubt they’ll ever make a Linux client and this is because their core service doesn’t deliver a stable gaming desktop. But that would have taken me off topic, so I stuck to Linux only.

I’d love to see the html client and how well that works, but I am not holding my breath.


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