Liquidsky on two laptops same time?


Has anyone streamed two games at the same time from two different laptops on the same WiFi network? If so was there much lag or screen tear? My girlfriend is looking to stream games on her laptop while I steam games on mine :slight_smile:


with a good local connection shouldn't really be an issue unless of course you're on some adsl/dialup god forbid satelite plan due to being out in the middle of nowhere lol


Well if your sharing each other then I suggest you buy a USB were you both have one connecting to the router with a wire for the maximum experience


There is a user on here who plays the same time as his brother in the same house. It'll all depends on your internet speed though.


It really depends on your internet. Multiple users shouldn't hurt your latency (unless you saturate your connection). What's your test results look like? Run this on multiple different servers around the LiquidSky server you plan on connecting to.