Liquidsky on usb pen drive for safe use in public pc


Hello! I need help/an advice… Like the title, I would like to put liquidsky on a usb pen drive for use in public pc! Because I’m often with public pc because I’m not at home… (and I’m allowed to play so no problem) the only problem is that I would like to use liquidsky on a pendrive that LEAVES NO TRACES on the public pc… Even that it was used… Because there could be Spyware, keyloggers and any other things that could steal my account… I won’t lose my account because of the hackers… Please help me… Even %appdata% must be clear (or at least, mustn’t move from the usb!)
I thought I could use sandboxie… But I’m not sure if it would work…
Please help me! Thank you!


From preliminary research/personal speculation/knowledge (some of this is what I think, parts of it is what I know and others bits of information researched) there’s not much that can be done in terms of keylogging/hacking. In theory that program you mentioned might work assuming the public pc isn’t compromised (brief summary makes sense- but then you’d probably have to purge RAM and CPU cache in the very unlikely even that it’s accessed [other question- are you able to modify the system on this public PC? Sandboxie seems to be a program that allowing suspicious files/programs be accessed as to not do anything critical to the host system {I recommend reading the FAQ here:}]), but in such a world that we live in it’s almost impossible to have a 100% secure system (looking at the CPU exploits of Spectre and Meltdown there will always be exploits/bugs).

I guess what you can do is ensure that you don’t log into any accounts while on a public computer session? Ideally you should be fine (for LS, not too sure about other accounts) if your LS and LS account email PWs are different as you still need device verification if you login from a new location- which is generally the case with different devices on the same network (or even installs of Windows, at least in my personal experience with my two laptops- if you only use LS with certain devices/systems verification should not be needed).

Disclaimer: Just because I am a mod does not make me the one who has the final word on things- you should always come to a decision on your own and not be subject to the whims of others. If I were you I’d do proper research before coming to a conclusion- what I offer is a precursory glance at the situation and my personal assessment on it. Hence why I am now removing staff color from this as it’s far from anything official.
(This post has been edited for clarity and adding the disclaimer- this is not a very professional or official opinion)


And if you are that paranoid, change your password ahead of time, use it, and then change your password back. I don’t blame you for a little paranoia because these public computers are always suspect.


At first… Thank you to everyone for every precious replies! I really appreciate it!

Ok, I want to confess that I’m not so paranoid… And I have no problem in changing password everytime I play on these public pc… No problem for any keylogger/Spyware/anything… I’m only worried about Any access token/account information/leaks that could remain on the public pc… I want to completely isolate liquidsky on the usb pen drive… I want liquidsky to leave no traces on the public pc… Only this… Thank you to everyone!


Perhaps try Cameyo Packager:

I haven’t used it so have zero familiarity with it, I just remember coming across it before and your post reminded me of it.


I know cameyo… But I’m not sure it would work…


You cannot for sure guarantee that any computer is safe from hackers but I guess this raises one possible feature suggestion for others who maybe in the same position like you.

Something like a one-time password that you can hit when logging in and LS email it to you or via the LS app(open it on your phone) and that password constantly changes and expires after use or after 5 mins. Similar to 2 factor-authentication I guess except it acts as your password which is different to your actual one? I think Amazon and MSN hotmail used to do this


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