LiquidSky Questions


How about LiquidSky on PS4,Xbox One and Nintendo Switch? And I have a few Questions for @LiquidSkyJustin and @LiquidSkyCo

1.Will there be LiquidSky for Consoles?(PS4/Xbox One)
2.Will there be LiquidSky for Smart TVs?(Sony/Samsung)
3.Will LiquidSky for ChromeBook be available in the ChromeBook AppStore or how would we download and install it on ChromeBook?

That's all the questions that I have for now. Thanks


why do you need liquidsky in a console ._.?


Yeah you just actually made a point just now I actually don't need it for consoles


Liquidsky on consoles would not be profitable.


Yeah I know but they said somehow they have a working client for consoles they are testing as of CES 2017


There most likely going to be an official console from LS as shown as a prototype on the revealing article on the website and not the forums. Personally think it would be cool to have Skyrim on my 52 inch TV not relying on a computer.