Liquidsky should be cheaper and more flexible



To be honest, since there are new cloud gaming services showing up.

I am starting to be a bit skeptic about, whether Liquidsky is now a suitable cloud service provider.

Since there are other cloud gaming services that have unlimited hours plans well, still undeveloped but surely over match Liquidsky in terms of price.

Putting it into my scenario, I normally play in long term hours therefore I need a flexible plan, I play around 5-7 hours or more per day and nevertheless since monthly plans are pretty much easily drained in terms of credits. I would say Liquidsky is putting me down in terms of hopes for the new year of 2018 unless they consider tweaking their credit system and more flexible plans.

I would like every forum user to share this, ensuring there is some changes made into Liquidsky as it won’t be suitable in 2018 as it’s credit system won’t fit soon enough due to other competitors already over matching it’s service.

Why do Moderation staff edit forum posts, based on current situations?

I agree with you bro :slight_smile:


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