LiquidSky Unlimited Questions


For the LiquidSky Unlimited plan, will I get to use the ultra setting for as long as i want not counting the 30 minute timeout of no activity? Also If i upgrade will that mean I wont be getting skycredits monthly. Last question, If i downgrade from unlimited to gamer plan do i lose everything i downloaded in the unlimited plan. I am currently on the gamer plan.


Unlimited plan has a mandatory timeout, so people wouldn't abuse the hardware and diminish other users experience.

Yes, you will not receive skycredits monthly. But, the credits you already have will continue in your account.

I am not sure about the third question, so I'll leave to others to respond, but your storage will have to downgrade from 1TB to 500GB.


So say i have 60 skycredits left once i upgrade to unlimited and stay on unlimited it will just stay at 60 until i decide to downgrade?


Yes, that is exactly what is supposed to happen. It's a good time to upgrade to unlimited (with the promotional price) because I don't know if we will be able to do that after 6th January until late Feb.


What do you mean by the promotional price? Is 39.99 not the official price because I was planning to upgrade after my Gamer Plan is close to expire which is like in mid January.


Yes 39.99 is the normal price for the Unlimited Plan but the Gamer plan is priced at $10 for 3 months and earlier this month there was a promotion for the Unlimited Plan too. Sorry, I thought the promotion was still active. My bad.


Where does it say $10 for 3 months? Because I bought the gamer plan like 3 days ago, will i only be paying $10 for the next 2 months?


No. You pay 10 bucks for each month for the next three months, that is the promotion.

Example, you paid 10 bucks from the 25th of december for 80 credits and 500gb of liquidsky space. So the 25th of Jan you'll pay 10 bucks to renew the plan and on the 25th of February you'll pay another 10 bucks to renew. From that point onward, the gamer plan is back to 14.99 USD per month.

This promotion only applies to the Gamer Plan.


So once I upgrade to unlimited that plan is cancelled?


I hope so.

If you had any credits before upgrading to Unlimited, you keep those until the unlimited plan renewal is cancelled.


$10 for three months? nevermind.