LiquidSky Video Submission Contest! “Show Us Your Best Stunts!”


Win Sweet Gaming Gear By Making Videos On LiquidSky!

Want to earn some sweet gaming gear?! Looking for some steam cards and controllers to game all summer long?! Well now’s your chance with our LiquidSky video submission contest!

We want to see your most epic moments in gaming! Whether it be a funny stunt or a crazy stunt in a game, we want you to show us what you got!

Videos will also be featured on our official Youtube channel and on our social channels, so now’s your chance to earn yourself some fame and a place in the spotlight!

Rules of Entry:

  • User video submissions MUST be submitted on our forums here and be placed in our “Contest/Giveaway” Section as a post.

  • User videos must be submitted on Youtube for simplicity and easy visibility. Post the Youtube link in your submission along with a description of the video.

  • User videos will be polled at the end of the and voted on by the community!

  • A compilation video of some of the best entries will be made and placed on our official Youtube channel!

  • Youtube video title must include the following details: “Title of Game” on LiquidSky 2.0 – “Descriptive Title of Footage”

  • Videos must range between a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of 90 seconds long

  • Forum thread title for submission must include the “Title of the Game” or it will be disqualified.

Contest Runtime:


The contest will last until 07/24/17. Polling will begin on 07/21/17 and winners will be finalized by 07/24/17.


  • 1 Grand Prize – Razer Rogue Backpack, Razer ManO’War Headphones, Mobile Android Controller Clip, Exclusive Purple PS4 Controller, 50$ Steam Card, 50$ Card

  • 5 Finalist Prizes – Turtle Beach Recon 50X, GameSir Mobile Android Controller, Mobile Android Controller Clip, 20$ Steam Card, 20$ Card

  • 10 Runner Up/Participation Prizes – 500 SkyCredits



i have it for free so i need to wait realy long :frowning:


Stunts? LiquidSky? We already know who's about to win again:


here's mine ^^




Could we do a animation video ?



Go for it man, the extra work is appreciated.

For the purposes of this contest, we are only accepting video games played on LiquidSky, but we would love to feature your work on our page! :+1:


ok but could i use any character like minecraft or human character?


Yeah no problem, Kenneth!


ohh ok thanks for the info.


We could not post any video after the polling is started. Am I right? Or there is something different.


You can, but you'd be at a heavy disadvantage the later you post your video. The video with the most votes wins.

If people can't see your video soon enough, you can't collect enough votes to win.


Ok, All about number(votes) game..


cool contest and some nice prizes there good luck to all :slight_smile:


Does dying in a half a second count? I'm good at that. :grin:


As long as you die in a cool and flashy way! :+1:


Can we submit more than one video in different posts?


Absolutely! Feel free to make as many submissions as you like, it will only increase your chances of winning :+1:


Good luck to all that enter.