LiquidSky Video Submission Contest! “Show Us Your Best Stunts!”


Nice one mate (20 characters)






Here's my second entry..


here is mine too ! :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW amazing gameplay !
i bet liquidsky gives you a big advantage in competitive modes ...


especially in latency and fps is awesome
trust me buddy Liquidsky is the future !


@LiquidSkyJustin Is it OK if we post the videos in this topic?


Enjoy everyone! :slight_smile:


Here's some of my stunts for everyone.


intresting videos to watch lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Does android count? I...


Here is my post! Lucky timing! :wink:



I thought there were enough GTA V entries so this one features GRIP, a vehicular combat game available on Steam.


Most of the submissions are first person shooters or GTA V. Seems like I'm the only hack and slash and you're the only vehicle combat. We're unique :thumbsup:.

To be honest I think I could have done better in mine


So... Just Curious. When will the polls begin?


awsome gameplay fighting in liquidsky 2.0 gamerplan i turned it in to a music video so its better


is the poll started yet ? i cannot find it in the forum ..


it dont end till the 10th witch is soon


yeah but the polls were supposed to be up yesterday and the results were going to be revealed on the 10th